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Map of Lisdoonvarna.

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Main Street Lisdoonvarna.

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Willie Daly, age 71, the last remaining matchmaker in Ireland holding his 150-year old 'lucky book'.

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Willie Daly is also known as the 'horse whisperer'. In addition to matchmaking he also runs the riding center in nearby Ennistymon. He has a special horse call and they all flock to him.

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People hang out at the popular Matchmaker Bar.

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Willie Daly talks with two women at the Matchmaker Bar in hopes to find them potential suitors.

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A couple dances at the Hydro Hotel.

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A woman attending the festival sips on her beer while looking for a potential suitor. On her finger is the traditional Irish Claddagh ring with the heart pointing inwards, letting admirers know that love is a possibility and hear heart is not taken.

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A drag queen takes a puff of her cigarette at The Outing.

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Afternoon dancing at the Rathbaun Hotel and Restaurant.

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While some people couple up rather quickly, others have a harder time making instant connections.

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Mingling at The Outing in the Hydro Hotel.

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Men attending The Outing festival toast to a great evening.


Willie Daly stands outside his childhood home with his daughter Elsha and son Henry who also help out with the matchmaking.

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Anita came to Lisdoonvarna from Bermuda just to meet Willie Daly in hopes of finding true love. They sit at his kitchen table going through his 'lucky book' talking about the type of man she hopes to find. Willie sets her up on a date later that evening...

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Date #1: Anita and John go on a date at the popular Roadside Tavern. While the two had a lot to talk about, they were not a match.

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Date #2: Matt shows Karin pigs on his farm.

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Many people who attend the Matchmaking Festival day trip to other attractions in the area including the Aran Islands which are reached by ferry.

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A couple rides their bike around Inis Oirr Island.

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Stonewall architecture around the Aran Islands.

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Another popular attraction in the area are the Cliffs of Moher.

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A couple seeks protection from the rain underneath an umbrella at the Cliffs of Moher.

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